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  • Hi, I used Calgel No 1 for white and clear for the rest. No1 white can go straight on the natural nail first and topped with clear. Sometimes I use no.2 clearish pink and swipe the smile line then cure and add white after and top with clear. Hths
    Hi, received your pm about the job vacancy, there would be a problem with distance i think as you are about 25 mile away from me, im in Jarrow south of the Tyne you would have petrol and tunnel costs getting back and forth which i dont think would be ideal for you, your experience sounds great but the distance thing is a problem.x
    I didn't charge more for the nails been longer but i should have done,
    when they have them this long they are soon back for them making shorter, (or repairs)
    she wanted them that long but returned the next day for them shortening lol xxx
    To be honest i'm not sure if you get confirmation or not- but I assume you would

    so please can you email


    she will be able to track your sub and let you know


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