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  • hi hun thank you i will pop up this week and get some! how are you getting on with the trendy wraps? x
    Thanks for the picture comment, I used a large and smaller dotting tool to create the paw prints. x
    aww i got the pink stripe ones too and the black flower ones! defo try the minx i think the main differences were the tnw were thicker and had a slight ridge round the outside which meant they didnt mould as well as the minx, i put the tnw on my 4 year old last night lol i had minx on and she was pestering me for some on! x
    am great thanx, i popped u[p and got some trendy wraps i didnt like them as much as the minx, i got 2 packs so ill have another shot and see, they seem alot thicker then the minx, what a pain as it would of been much easier and cheaper to get them from sallys! let me know how u get on with them and what u think of them! x
    thanx hun, im gona pop up to get some trendy wraps to try to see how they compair to the minx! how are u? x
    aww hope your better now hun! yeh i loved helen. we were her first ever class and she was brill! i learnt so much from her! xx
    aw brill. erm i had louise for my holistics and i had her for facials and manicures in level 2 aswell. i had helen for waxing and teresa for theory. who did you have? xx
    i went to carlisle college. i did my nvq 2 in beauty therapy in 2005 and then i did my level 2 cert in holistics and level 3 diploma in indian head the year after. did you say your still doing you level 3 now? are you enjoying it? bet u cant wait till your qualified xx
    no prob hun, hope all goes well in which ever route you decide to take! p.s do you know when salon services is due to get the opi crimbo polishes and gift sets in? x
    the electrical treatments that are taught at collage arnt that popular however the plus side of level 3 is you would need it if you were to work with another elec machine thats more in at the mo ie microdermabrasion, caci etc also its prob easier to get a job with level 3, its totaly up to you though you can go on with level 2 as that coverd most of the bread and butter treatments! x
    its hard getting your first salon job and foot in the door, i did nvq 2 and 3 and diploma in reflexology at collage, then did a creative conversion course after collage! x
    iv had the salon for 7 years and worked in a salon for 2 years before that so 9 years! god thats scary when i hink of it like that! i went to collage straight from schools so its all iv ever done other than a few cosmetic counter jobs while i was training! x
    i do most treatments, mani, pedi, waxing, tinting, facials, microdermabrasion, reflexology, massage, have a nail tech that does enhancements and just in the process of getting in minx and shellac! how about u where do u work? x
    aww fab il have to pop in one day and do it then! yeh i loved working there, but its very hard work. back to back with massage and body treatments all the tiume an no turn around time between clients. i left because i wanted to do more waxing and nails, and we didnt do any waxing at cp and didnt do much nails. saying that though, i wouldnt be where i was now if i hadnt work there. the people there are fab and the training you get is amazing! it just depends what kind of work you want. where im at now we do a real mixture of treatments which is fab. xxx
    hiya, yes didnt think there was many of us frm carlisle one here! its on ashley street, not far from the hospital! x
    yeh i work at north lakes hotel and spa in penrith. u should try centre parcs, i used to work there and they always take people on freash from college :) how do i get a sallys cards? i need to come get one lol xx
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