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  • Doing a shellac course on monday week, it has a fab write up so went with it...ah thats a shame you are so far away, would have loved to do the 3d bows for you my clients are all to tame for them....
    Hiya, I got them off ebay in the end, they are smaller than i thought, and a bit fiddlely, but with practise they could be quite nice.....

    Thanks for the compliment, freehand with OPI opaque white, it was easier than i thought...enen my 9 year boy thought they where good lol prefere it that was than the moulds ..Im in Ormskirk in the North West 20 mins from Liverpool?? Where are you??? Just doing a conversion course at the mo did L and P last week and gel tomorrow at CND cant wait.
    Hiya, my 3D moulds came today...hmmmmm still not sure about them, as I had a practise doing the bow myself 3D and prefer it that way...they are very delicate pieces when they come out the moulds too so that quite nice...have yours arrived?? what do you think??? Helen xx
    Yes I still need a couple of models and that's perfect as I work is High Wycombe Tue - Friday.
    When are you available?
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