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    Which gel does everyone use? Saint Nails. I've used a few brands over the past few years including INK and shellac but just recently i've been converting over to saint Nails Gel polish. The price is great, products perform really well and the colours are lush. They often have special offers on and they...
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    Branching out to new gels!

    I've recently found Saint Nails Gel polish and am in the process of switching over to that. I got the samples first to try out and they were fabulous. My clients loved the colours and cant wait for me to buy more. Great price too. If anyone wants to try them this is the link to the samples page...
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    Choosing a gel nail brand, help please!

    I have used may brands over the past few years but recently discovered Saint Nails Gel Polish and the results are fantastic. So easy to apply, beautiful consistency, hard wearing and the colours are stunning. Great price too. They do samples so you can try them out. This is a link to the samples...
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    Which acrylic system?

    Another vote for CJP...its amazingly easy to work with x
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    Next Step Beauty

    Next step beauty is a disgraceful company in my opinion. They took my money last June for a make up course and then cancelled 5 times until I got fed up and asked for a refund in December. They would only agree to refund £66 out of the £172 that I paid. They still haven't sent the refund after 5...
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    Quiet for Christmas?

    This year is my busiest xmas ever, fully booked the whole of December!
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    Lashlift - what other business's can you train with?

    lashlift is huge for me at the moment, clients love the results!! I trained with Flirties and would highly recommend them for training and products :) x
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    Self employed nail tech?

    I rent a beauty room in a Hair salon and pay a daily rent that includes all bills, use all my own products, work my own hours and have my own nail table that I brought with me. I would definitely not use the item in the picture.
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    Lash lift courses

    Flirties curves :)
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    More S/E based queries needing advice

    I work in a salon where we all rent space from the owner. We are all self employed. We all take our own payments and set our own prices. This doesn't result in people going for the cheapest at all as each client has their own preferences for who does their hair/treatments. We pay weekly and this...
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    Website honest opinions please!

    First thing I noticed was the spelling mistake - outisde Norwich.
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    Boxing Day bookings!

    I would charge extra and take a non refundable deposit :)
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    Refund-client complained about Shellac

    If I'd received nails like that in a salon I would not want to come back for them redoing and would definitely expect a refund.
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    Facebook and increasing likes!

    mmmm I did it again later today and it said my timing is perfect...that most of my followers are online between 6 and 9pm!!! How strange because earlier I was 'way off' and 12-3pm was best :(
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    Facebook and increasing likes!

    Thanks for sharing this link, I've just checked my page with it and there's lots I can improve on. I have 1,333 likes but I could be using my page to better effect :) for example my timing is apparently 'way off' and my posts would get better results between 12pm and 3pm instead of 6-9pm which...