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  • Thanks PoshFloss. I will be speaking to the manager about the wage issue, she didnt want me in this week yet last week we agreed 4 days a week!!?? How does that work? I feel that too many things havent been right since day one therefor I am better out of it, it doesnt feel right to work there. I am still going to speak with them maybe before monday. Thanks for your message xx
    I went to work in a new salon as the nail tech. The owner was training in beauty,they wanted me to rent nail desk @ £75 pw, said no, I could not see how I could make my rent, I agreed to work on hourly rate, when we discussed wages they wanted to pay me NMW. I refused and insisted on £6.75 ph. I was fully trained, she was not, they had no nail polishes, so for 3 weeks they used my polishes ( I kindly brought them in) I knew they were going to the beauty show. At show they bought NO polishes, they had a shock when I left mine at home. they were messing around with my hours too, then wanted to pay only 16 hours on their books rest cash, the cash payment they only paid me @ £5.50 ph, they said I had agreed, I told them where to stick their job. So if as you say you live in a small place I think you should at least expect and be paid NMW, if not then just do it for a short time until you qualify, then set up mobile or from your home, that way you will gain experience. Love Angela x
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