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    Getting back into hairdressing

    Im feeling the same! I am looking for courses now to get back into it but I dont feel like I remember enough of Level 2 to go into a Level 3?!
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    Nano/micro ring

    Is it best to have the ring the colour of the natural colour or to the hair you’re fitting colour. For adding hi lights / flashes.
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    Nano rings

    It wont let me attach pics on the app doh
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    Business names

    I decided to go with my name as its just me doing mobile services atm :)
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    Nano rings

    Ive just started nano rings, can I have some advice and tips on a practice row I did. My training company arent open til tomorrow so keen to take all the advice I can get :)
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    Business names

    Im so torn between using my name for my brand or coming up with a name and risk it being similar or the same as someone one else. I think own names are becoming more popular and professional?
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    Euphoria One rose gold

    Following, as also need to know!
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    Nano rings, first client

    Rows hugely improved! Practice makes perfect. Good luck for your first fitting hun
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    Help hair extensions

    Having this same thing to work out how to build my portfolio etc. Id get them to pay the normal price youd charge for hair, and then free/ discount fitting. As people dont like to know what mark up they are paying. For example you charge £100 for it at cost but your normal prices are £150 for...
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    Extension suppliers - colour matching

    Sorry jumping in, what range do you use Euphoria hair for
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    Belle Academy, what happens after the course?

    Im training with belle. Their C1 course is so outdated, shrinkies and fusion bonding no one asks for! They should offer micro rings, la weave, mini locks and tape as their master class. Gutted as im gunna pay for 2 methods I dont want to offer :(
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    Hair extension methods?

    Thanks sweetie youve been really helpful :) will give you a follow x
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    Hair extension methods?

    I live and breathe Extensions, so i hope I pick it up well but will need to practice to perfect my skills :)
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    Hair extension methods?

    Where did you do your training? If you dont mind my asking? Do the silicone lined stay better? You have to have good pliers ive read!
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    Hair extension methods?

    Thank you, that helps alot! Is Mini rings the same as Mini Locks? They seem very popular which is basically just small copper tubes? Id like to do some sort of weave, and micro rings and mini locks as from research nano rings like you said can be damaging