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    Pregnant and training?

    Hello ladies I havent been on here for ages but still wanted some advice! Hope everyone is good! I am 4 months pregnant and struggling to find work so decided maybe training till im due would be a good idea to keep my occupied. I am due in feb17(FTM) and was looking at the training room...
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    What motivates you to clean?

    Just having everything in its place nice and shiny is my motivation! I don't use cloths or dusters, I buy loads of antibac wipes and use them literally everywhere! I find that when I use cloths in the kitchen with spray products they get so manky I just don't like them being in my kitchen, even...
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    Advice on visiting London please

    Awww! London is so exciting! When in oxford circus/Piccadilly circus/oxford street/bond street etc its better to walk around.(google maps is your best friend here) The tube is great, make sure you plan your journey. Even I have to, and still get lost sometimes lol. Get a Oyster card, OR use...
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    Feeling unmotivated

    Sorry haven't read the reply's but this is mine Get motivated about business again! Remember how fun it can be and why you love doing what you do. Read old threads on here Search words like 'small business plan/Marketing/Strategies/Branding' on PINTREST! (its amazinggggggg) Search on youtube...
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    Uniform for a chunky wunky?

    Why not go on the high street find a nice casual/formal dress that you LOVE from a good quality shop like Marks&Spensors, Zara etc Yes it may cost £35-50 (Always buy 3 if you can as they will get over worn) You will feel so much happier and more confident waking up every day putting on a dress...
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    Spray tans at events?

    My sister was offered a FREE spraytan at the beauty show a few years ago and that got a crowd! (No bra! Nearly died!)
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    Friends dragging you down

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    Come on-show off your uniform

    Ah man :( Thought this would be popular... I unfortuantely dont have one to post :(
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    Apps that make your business life easier?

    Hello Geeks! After having a wonder around the internet looking at all aspects of planning future business projects, and general day to day tasks I was wondering what apps geeks are using to help run their business? Diary, client info, stock, finances, note taking, advertising, marketing etc
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    Liz McKeon TV show!

    £200?!!! Really?! Couldn't bring it up to £500? How on earth do you 'turn your salon around' with a MEASLY £200?! Because I couldn't turn my living room around with that let alone a business!
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    Distance learning / online courses?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research before you book anything! I am a sucker for a online course and believe me I have spent hours online searching. Now I live in london so there are a lot more courses on offer and a lot easier to get scammed! You can either get a course from pretty much...
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    Getting contracts

    Thought I would get a answer like that :) But does anyone have experience having/getting a contract?
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    Getting contracts

    So I've been thinking about how I can build my business in the future and what other avenues I can go down. I was wondering how would I (us geeks) go about getting long or short term contracts with other business to 'guarantee' a regular income. I mean things like modeling/dance/theater/drama...
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    Start up loans

    I used these guys in london and they were great! 100% try them!
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    Website content tense

    Oh god am I going to have to say Hi Im Lucy! cringeee