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  • hey i saw your from peterborough not that far from my well by train anyways are you? your first attempt on nails is really good!
    Im fine now thanks,a friend came round and sorted it ,I was having kittens,I kept getting a message coming up my security needed updating ,like an idiot I didnt sort it sraight away,then I had messages coming up I had all these I gets all these security things coming up saying buy this n that to clear it .,and I just got myself in a bit of a panic.Anyhow its sorted now ,my mate done a restore,and it seems to be fine now...that ll teach me for ignoring me messages.!!
    Thanks... Sculpts is the first thing I've learnt but I'm definitely getting bette at them. Thanks for the compliment. x x
    hey.. its great to see another Aussie, with obvious passion if you went to sydney to meet Nailzoo.. (i am so jealous)
    was it great.. do you have pics???
    lmao....its good isn't it..
    I have a whole album of pictures from there now of me and the kids lmao...
    Every style imaginable :D
    Lovely to meet you in the flesh today, hope you enjoy your nails as much as I did doing them :)
    You're welcome hun!!! Well, I wasn't that sure!! I've only been here a couple of months too!! Believe it or not!! It's very addictive, but now I seem to blog more than post. It's been a bit scary out there lately!! xxx
    Do a thread tomorrow to let us all know how you got on.

    btw, you're not a visitor message virgin anymore lol xx
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