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  • Hi hun. How are you doing? I haven't been able to get onto the site for a while but am back now. xox
    Hoots mon pinks..thought i'd pop my head in your door and say hello as haven't seen you on for a is little callum ..are you spoiling him? you need to put up some pics so we can see him x
    hi pink, hows callum? have you spoilt him yet? btw I have 10 nephews and nieces ( hah expensive for birthdays and christmas ) just hope my one sister doesnt have any more !
    Aww thats lovely!! :)
    I became a step-auntie today, my step sister had a wee girl 6lbs 11oz. No name as yet.
    My son was 9lbs 8 1/2oz when he was born, and I managed to have him naturally with the aid of the birthing pool and gas and air - not sure if thats something I should be proud of!! lol
    Callum, what a great scottish name!!!
    I hope he and mum are doing well, and you certainly sound the proud auntie!!
    congratulations hun on becoming an auntie and what a beautiful name for the baby .
    arh :) congrats to your sis in law :) so you will be a dowting aunty now then? lol my bloke was over 10lb when he was born,and his mom is REALLY small,she had him at home and natural, OUCH, I must admit ive been feeling a bit broody lately, but my man has had the snip,so no more for me,but im lucky enough to have two gorgeous kids,one of each :) arh so sweet, grats to your family :) x
    Oh sweet. I had the opposite problem when my twins were born, could of fit three of them in a prem baby grower!
    You'll have to show us some pics. xox
    yes i saw them before the dollar bill nails ..fab aren't they i've been looking around sites for nail art designs aswell usually i just do them of the top of my head but im running out of ideas and designs ..x
    hoots mon lass...thought i'd pop in to say hello ..i clicked on that thread about it's about as bad as eating sour cola bottles in my case:lol: ..hope ur ok xxx
    lol, I know i read that one yesterday,unbelievable !!!, wont do much for peoples self esteem though,poor peeps, ill charge across the board price when i get trained
    Absolutely...that's what I am after, good 'ol red hot texan chilli!!!
    Honest...I even started a thread once with my own recipe looking for hotter and and see :lol:
    Hahahaha will you leave me alone!!!!!
    I read the title of the thread before but i didn't check it out, will have to take a peek now.
    Well we have a fashion show at college tomorrow night were we have to pick a theme and do the models nails, like media nails, sort out the outfit, make up and clothes. Anyway i have been nominated for an award for nail services which i will find out more about tomorrow night.
    Not allowed to post a thread on this site about it though as it's only worthy to be put in a blog. Will let you know how it goes though.
    Off to check out this thread! xox
    hi hun ..jeez i just read it ..what an insult ..totally disagree with charging for spay tanning by size ..everyone seems to be on a roll with it lol i'm doing that in sept and wouldn't dream of charging according to frame ..hope ur well xxx
    It was with Tammy Taylor. They do, do a nail art course, but the money tree is bare just now so will have to earn the pennies to go back and do it. Having said that, I think I could learn quite a bit off of this website....I think once you grasp the basics, the world is your oyster!! Not really a film buff myself, I have said for the past hour im off to bed, and im still sitting here!!
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