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  • Hi pinkmummy - I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!! - I'm next year... eeeekk!! :lol: xxx
    Hi! Can you please email me photos of the steamer you are selling? jemzbeauty@yahoo.co.uk
    Hey Odette,

    Hope your beautiful little girl gets better soon :hug: xxx
    Huge Congratulations Odette xxxx A beautiful baby girl, you must be over the moon.

    Take good care of her and of yourself :hug: xxxxx
    Hi Honey, I hope you are feeling ok, not long now :hug: I am so sorry Ididn't reply sooner, my head must have been somewhere else, how rude!

    Boy did I get bigger with each one I was HUGE with Joe, have lost 4 stone now, only 2 more to go :lol:

    I hope you are being looked after, get as much rest as you can and take care Odette

    Rach xxx
    thanks for the rep xx and at 32 weeks it might not be called pmt but it darn well feels like it lol
    Hiya hunny...thank you for the blog comments about Morgandie - she's as adorable as she looks! She is doing really well.....still completely clear and we're back at Gt Ormond St next month for a check up, so I am praying it stays that way. Hope you are enjying your bump....you have tons of time for baby to turn yet, so relax! Hope the moxibustion helps xxx
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