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    Mini hive heater 200ml

    I just melt carefully in microwave and pour in
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    Capital Hair and Beauty

    Suppose depends on the store I take my kids in all the time my local one ages 3 and 1
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    Eyelash course help

    When I train my students they do 2 days 2 weeks apart so they can infill their model otherwise how else can this be covered.
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    Magpie Beauty Gel vs The Gel Bottle

    I would never buy magpie after viewing their Facebook group when they have someone with an issue or complaint they just delete it and just shut down all reasoning. Hears good things about the gel bottle but have you heard of the manicure company I've recently started using this and love it.
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    It's non regulated as it's a relatively new treatment so nothing stopping you. Loads of people do BOTOX and filler mobile and this is ok too. The reason you need a licence for semi permanent makeup is the legislation has been in place for a long time.
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    Suggestions from brow tint geeks?

    I bought this to use on a client who had started reacting she had it done twice with me but then didn't bother again as it didn't seem to take as well as the normal tint we use. She is thinking about getting semi permanent brows now.
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    Ovatu or Schedule?

    Really? I cannot seem to find this it just gives me the option to book in a service
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    Ovatu or Schedule?

    Does Ovatu allow to block out time in a therapists column for miscellaneous things instead of pre programmed appointments so for example if a therapist is popping out to the doctors can I book the out for an hour with a description as just set up shedul and it's quite restricted and doesn't...
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    Has anyone done an acrylic nail course with Beauty Academy?

    Worst training ever please avoid
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    I get mine from glitter express I once asked the lady in the factory shop if they supply magpie she basically said she wasn't allowed to say but I got the impression they do.
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    Eyelash extension training

    I know someone that's trained with nouveau recently and had a peek at their manual and I can tell you that person is not confident at all pursuing lashes and these techniques you mention were nothing special. They don't even discuss humidity affecting retention. It's up to you if you'd prefer a...
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    Dip acrylic powders

    If you read the ingredients the powders are exactly the same as the attraction range so you can just use your attraction powders with the system
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    Magpie gel polish

    I wouldn't buy from magpie as loads of people were posting problems on the group and they just get defensive quickly and delete and when I posted expressing an interest in purchasing some gels from them I had inboxes from a few girls in the group saying they were peeling not setting properly yet...
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    Makeup artist space rental charge

    Does anyone rent out space to a MUA and how much rent do they pay you assuming they are using their own kit? We do makeup but are too busy with other treatments so thinking of renting the space out.
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    BABTAC vs FHT vs The Guild

    I'm with the guild but only as it's a requirement so I can deliver their accredited courses otherwise I wouldn't bother.