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  • Hey there congrats on passing so Elgin has two Masters then :lol:
    I am not competing this year at the Beauty Show haven't had the time to practice I think I will go down not to sure yet.
    Im off to the Event before the show so I wont have spare pennies.
    Its funny being a Grand Master doesn't seem very real clients love being able to tell their friends the have one doing their nails :lol::lol:
    Might see you in Edinburgh soon x
    Hi hun I have been having mega PC problems for a few months so haven't been able to post to see how you both got on with the Masters???
    I thankfully managed to pass everything just don't think I could have gone through all that studying again :lol:
    Omg I was so exhausted last night felt like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson :lol:
    I was not happy at all with my 2 practicals and stupid me didn't read a few of the questions right buy I did what I could and if I fail hey ho.
    What about you how did you feel it went?
    Sorry I never saw you before I left xx
    Not a problem huni, feeling loads better today LoL! Just give me a wee call on Tuesday + we will get things sorted out for you. x
    Im good thanks, how are you? Yep, studying hard! So much to take in eh. How you finding it?? xx
    Hi Emma I haven't studied yet just got back from my hol's last night so unpacking and washing being done first :lol:
    The car was fine my hubby said it was just rain water that was dripping out thank god I was in such a panic all the way home.
    Did you and Fiona have a good night out?
    nah it was fine!! took so many notes my hand was hurting after lol. i know i hate exams :( but im sure we'l do fine :D study study study!!x
    Hello :) Things are good here, how are you? Salon keeping you busy? Yip, we are in Aberdeen on Sunday for a roadshow/product demo! We are at The Holiday Inn Express in Chapel Street. We will be there from 10am until 5pm. We will be demoing gel, L+P and Minx :) We also have a new spa manciure range launching on Sunday aswell :) Let me tell you it is gorgeous, smells like opal fruits (or Starburst now, whatever they are called) Hope to see you Sunday! Heather xxx
    Hi Doll

    my brisa went ok I think... Did Sculpt for the first time with the gels.. will up load pick later tonight.. How did you get on with it?? x
    well there are some extreemly cheap flights from Ryan air...£10 gets you to quiet a few good places...
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