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  • Hey huni just had a peek in your album wow Il ove your work its gorgeous, You know your Multi Coloured Circles how did you do then? x
    Hi, I was working monday hun, i didnt get home until past 9pm and almost the same again tonight,
    i intend on having an early finish tomorrow though so feel free to give me a call, i have loads to tell ya lol xxx
    hi hun! glad its not just me.. i shall try that today when i do a set. i did think it would have somethin to do with temperature..
    thanks for getting back to me chic
    big hugs :hug: x
    hi hun, did my first set of pre designed tips today with the clear acrylic powder..they looked good but i found the clear acrylic really hard too use as it was like gewy :cry: do u think it was my ratio? have u had this before? xx
    Hi pips! just another little question..when i get these pre designed tips wat colour acrylic powder would u reccomend from creative? clear? xx
    Hmmm i dont think the tank would take kindly to been painted pink and pimped lol,
    i have already threatened to paint it but paul was not amused one bit lol x
    Ive no chance of a sleep in, i have to take the car for the hand brake fixing first thing then i have a client at 10, must be all them handbrake skids lol x
    Thank you for the picture comment :o) It was done by using black l&p for the background, white l&p for the rose and blue monomer drops for the clear l&p I capped it all in with ;o)
    Awh thanks a mill,.... you didn't have to say that (glad you did though he he)
    Im still trting to contact dave at nouveau, i havnt forgot , and this dongle is driving me madly insane, one min im online then the next it loses the connection, bloody thing, xxx
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