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    Make up pro discount?

    Hi I have done two make up courses, one in airbrush and do weddings. I have tried to apply for pro discount with illamasqua and they said I can't get it. Any ideas why when I am working doing make up and am qualified? X
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    Gelish on Brisa Lite sculpting gel?

    Bridal lite is a soak of gel hard gel that can be used to extend. :)
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    Hard Rock Gel

    I use this as I can't use acrylic and it's amazing! Only gel I've found that is as strong as acrylic x
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    Gel nails coming off after swimming?

    Could I also try some IZ gel? X
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    IBD just gel in sundance with flowery foils on top :)
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    Dare you to press paste! No cheating!

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    Quick poll for logo!

    Number 4! Just realised it is a verve one, but I love it lol
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    Rent too high?

    Just an update. I've found a lovely new salon in a percentage split which works really well! The owner is helping with advertising too :)
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Funny you should say that. I tried to do it on a colour pop today and couldn't! Only just figured out how to get the foils to work on me lol If anyone has any advise for colour pops, I would be interested too! X
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    shellac blue rapture with lecante glitter and peacock foils!
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    Car wrapping

    Is yours an internal or external sticker? X
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    OPI matte top coat not matte?

    I did the matte top coat and then normal in the tips. I did put oil on after but it wasn't particularly matte before then either. I will try with black and see what it is like but not very impressed with it so far :( x
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    OPI matte top coat not matte?

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    OPI matte top coat not matte?

    I have the opi gel matte top coat and used it on a client the other day. Although she was happy with it, I was not lol I really hoped it would be how to pictures advertised! I did matte all over with shiny to coat tips. The first picture is mine and the second is what I want it to look...