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  • hi ya hun, long time no speak lol, yea survived the hols just about ,its so much more relaxed now theyre back at school, my youngest just started school fulltime this week, which means childcare costs have come down a bit.....business is good , really enjoying working in the salon, i rent my own room and all the girls are lovely...best thing i ever did......loving my akzentz gels too, swopped over compltly to them now altho i dont do alot of gels but acrylics dont suit everyone so always good to have a good gel aswell.....hows things with you ??? u doing nails ?? ive been using nfuoh now for the last 2 1/2 years and its the nuts, no lifting ,no probs etc its great ....we need to meet up !?! hope ur well ,spk soon luv haze x
    Thanks for the rep, glad my remarks went down well and everyone seemed to have a laugh about it! x
    Hiya, the idea is, about 85% of your daily food intake is from the Free Foods list, i.e. lean meat & fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta, veg & fruit, then you have one Healthy 'a' (milk or cheese) and one Healthy 'b' per day (say bread or cereal), then you can have 5-15 Syns per day. I can email you the lists x
    I see your blog ,and just thought id leave ya a message, hope its all going well and im so glad youve started doin nails again, im not that far away if ya need a chat or anything, spk soon haze x
    Hi ya, yeah im alrite thanks !!! i hadnt realised till i looked at ur profile that ud gave up nails completly !?! why ? Im working ina local hairdressers 2 dyas a week now, been there 6 weeks now and its going ok, so what you doing now then ? hazex
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