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  • Hello, mmm nearest I have is flashing... I use sooo much ACG now it's great. So is Brisa Lite, am trying do less Bio xx
    Will do ...still really busy with nails - lots of Bio and ACG still, not so many Shellac may get better with the introduction of Brisa lite.

    Hope your all well...must catch up soon

    Still suffering with the last bit of Flu 4 weeks on!!!
    Hi Michelle,

    Are you going to the Event in Leeds? I managed to get a ticket last week...really looking forward to it xx
    Thanks for the reply, I thought Bio sculpture was a buff off! dunno why (it was late at night when i typed and i was tired) :(
    Do u enjoy working with Bio then as it looks like what I'm after, do you have to use their uv lamp or could you use another systems uv lamp if you already have one?
    Hi Michelle,

    Thank for the offer but I'm going a bit earlier to have a look round the shops!

    Look forward to seeing everyone xx
    That's ok and happy to help, they are really fab and worth the wait for arrival :) x
    Hiyas Hun

    Here you go

    50 pcs Polish UV Gel Colour Pops Display Nail Art Ring Style Nail Tips | eBay

    Hopefully that will get you there :) x
    Yes the coffee for friendless There seems to be a lot of us billy no mate out there !!

    At the moment I know that Serinitynailz and Salj are going so you and me makes 4.

    Starbucks in Wolsley Place at 2pm. I've put a link on the chit chat page.
    Michelle, check out chit chat forum we are meeting for coffee in Woking 2pm Sunday would be great to see you xx
    2 coats of night reflection 1 star burst, 2 coats of tigher blossom 1 starburst and the tips i cant remember if it was black shadow or night reflection as base but it has a glitter mix applied
    Hiya. The Gelish colour in my picture is Shake It Til You Samba. The camera didnt capture the colour well. It looks nicer in the pic! x
    Hi Michelle!

    I'm good hope your all keeping well

    Mmm...looks good but I really don't use Shellac very much now. I will get it and if its good i can start to sell it to my clients again.

    Tina xx
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