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  • Thanks so much, for advice, so far i've been lucky so far and only stuck one lash on one lady. At least i get to try this new glue out on my sister.

    Well let you know, i'm excited as i'm finding the other glue very frustrating xxx
    Hiya, you shouldnt be getting the client to open her eyes at all during the application, you can always get them to keep their eyes closed but you gently lift the lid slightly to see if you have stuck any to the bottom!! (sticking to the bottom happens quite alot when you are reasonably new to it, so dont worry). When you are finished applying and have kept their eyes closed for 5 mins (you can go over aftercare and tidy up, write up your records etc in this time) gently run your tweezers vertically under the lashes to check there are none stuck to the pad, if there are you can gently sort that out before the client opens their eyes. Worse comes to worse grab one of your mircro fibre sticks (used for removal) and a tiny tiny bit of remover and work at it that way ensuring you dont get it on your new lashes. Finally before they open their eyes completely pop your sealer on (if you use it) . You will be absolutely fine. xx let me know how you get on xx
    Lisa, dont forget, when using the fume glues you need to make sure the client has their eyes shut throughout the procedure also for 5 mins after you have finished, otherwise their eyes will start streaming :0( Good luck xx
    I am new to the eyelash world, but have been doing reasonably well so far.. My adhesive is running out and the lady who trained me has taking all the brand labels off and put her own on!! I have discovered that its a product call lash fix for sensitive eyes which I can buy online a bit cheaper. I have been chatting to the lady from eyelashproducts who is very helpful, and am wondering wether to stick to the same odour free/ no fumes glue but different brand on her website or go for a different one

    Any advice would be great, I need to order today as I'm dangereously low, i'm finding it very confusing with all the choice of glues out there!!
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