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    Lack of confidence since lockdown

    Hi everyone, Since lock down a lot of clients (obviously) have a lot of root which on some I’m finding it harder than usual to match up. (Ones that have used purple shampoos, full head bleached etc) Once Iv lifted the hair Iv completely lost my confidence with Toning blondes. I don’t know why...
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    Your favourite styling products?

    Moroccanoil- use on wet or dry hair, add to colours when mixing, great for extensions, detangles, speeds up drying time, shine etc xx
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    Brad Mundo

    I love him - I wish I could have as much charisma when dealing with clients, I’d imagine he rarely gets stressed with clients
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    Clients after Covid-19

    Are we allowed to do 2 clients or: put colour on and while developing do another client, if there is enough space in the salon? Or is it 1 client at a time?
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    Fantastic thank you!! Very much appreciated [emoji4]
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    They’re about a level 5 maybe 6 but no lighter than that
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    Thank you ronray [emoji4] I struggle to see the warmth too. With the darker cooler colour what tone would you use? I’m conscious of it going flat/khaki and I definitely don’t want anything with warmth [emoji23]
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    Thank you!! I thought I was going mad!! I personally think it’s silver, I have said when she’s comes back and it’s brassy it’s because it needs doing again. But she just hates that colour. I was thinking of trying to match it to more her natural with maybe a few darker (5) through it and then...
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    Iv been h/l this clients hair for about a year. Naturally she is salt and pepper grey. She cane to me with a flat base 5 on to get more to her natural hair. Iv bleached it with 9% with Olaplex and toned with different variants of ash/violet. Most recently matrix 8v but have used nxt Metallics...
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    Clients after Covid-19

    If it turns out blow drying isn’t allowed in any case, we are going to lose a good 10-15 regular clients who come just for blowdries. So money has got to be made up some where. I think personally I will keep prices the same but they won’t get a blowdry and then if they need a mask charge them...
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    Holy grail hair products?

    I love Moroccanoil
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    Clients after Covid-19

    Thanks everyone - no completely clear guidelines yet. Also, what is w wry one doing about consultations/skin tests? Obviously there can only be a detain amount of people at 1 time in the salon but as we will be working with a lesser amount of clients, trying to claw back money will be hard, do...
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    Clients after Covid-19

    it was in the daily mail today - what each salon should be doing x
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    Clients after Covid-19

    Iv read today that we will have to take the temperature of each client - has anyone bought any thermometers or are there any throw way ones you can get? Also is anyone putting their prices up to cover any extra costs of ppe etc? Or just in general? I want to keep everything fair but obviously...
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    Deep clean help - hairspray removal

    Does anyone have any sort of magic potion that will help get hairspray off the back of the salon chairs? I have a cleaner who comes in but she doesn’t get the build up off. The chairs are black leather - TIA x