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  • I am great my darling, how did you know I was on line, I thought I had cloaked myself lol!
    Hi thanks for the add! How are you>? And what do you do? Sorry if it says somewhere on here,,,, Im new and can hardly bloody work it!lol, Im sure il get the hang of it soon,x
    I have tried to pre order them but I am told that I cannot do this. I am a little frustrated and although I love Shellac might just go with Gelish now. By the time I get back from holiday you can bet all the new colours will be gone, despite me being reassured that they have over anticipated demand - I can't see that somehow because every man and his dog will be trying to get hold of it. Try and give me a call if you can Angela as I may be up to something that you could be interested in?
    Hi darlin', I would love to go to PB but I will be away on holiday (I always am when something is going on). Last time when the event was on I was in Las Vegas (ok so that was good as I was at the beauty show with Lori) but this time, I really wanted the new shellac salon rack and the other colours and won't be able to get them now as they will probably be sold out AGAIN before I get home - bummer!
    Hi Angelina...so pleased your so pleased LOL
    The new eclipse rapid tan actually came into stock today so as of tomorrow its available ;0))
    Hi Angela
    nice speaking to you yesterday :O)) hope you are having a good day ....
    Hey Angela, hope you are ok, not spoken for a while. Any idea if there are any Minx users who might be interested in buying some from me. Me and Minx just aren't getting along I am afraid, so want to sell.
    ooooh that sounds nasty Angela, glad you are better know and yes I will be at the event !!!!!
    I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a horrendous time of it. :hug: Sending you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Thats good to hear I had mine last July and was walking like a cripple for the first few weeks, Take it easy and dont go near the hoover for the first 6 weeks lol
    Take Care xxxxxxxxxx
    i got your message hon about the show, we didnt get there in the end, we got a huge booking at the salon and had to stay at work. i hope you get better soon and best wishes for the hospital stay xxxxxxx
    hi.. i can imagine.... with the students as my college tutor went ... iv had to fill my nails down as got to soak them off the weekend. how are urs. have to admit the tan is fab on my legs.. were doing tanning at college so will keep it in mind...
    What the lashes like i want some. how much did u pay...... shame to hear about the comp. where did she go wrong.. i think with all different countries and comps the rules keep changing. i might have a go with the manicure all depends on the price lol
    oh dear thought she would of came bit closer than that...

    I dont have a number. i was happy sitting realxing lol having a coffee.
    Hi i tried to find u. put couldnt. i sat and had a coffee and relaxed at the little cafe bar..... how did the comp go.. Hubby called and i left early
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