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  • Hi Angela

    No idea of the stand number - it's one of the free training courses that they put on though, so you'd have probably had to have pre-booked it. You've got my mobile number though haven't you?
    Hi Angela

    Alas I'm not going to be at the show tomorrow, as I'll be visiting Sonia in hospital; I should be around all day Monday though. I'm Andy's model for at least intimate waxing and whatever other body parts need waxing too!

    I'm also bringing Geek Bear with me, but I doubt if he will want a wax LOL!!!
    Try again I passed your cavdy box this morning but it was all closed down now I know why lol yes o will come with you on Sunday as the earlier you get there the better for the best offers I don't mind wondering around whilst your in comp there are loads of geeks I know there will take me all day to get around I'll pm you my number in a min will have to see what it is x x
    hi ya angela
    im loads better now thanks and have just enrolled to do a beauty therapist at nelson and colne colledge but the price of the kit is rediculous so i dont know weather to continue as the course is £400 to start with !!!!

    oh well im waiting for them to confirm if i dont need to purchase the kit as i have all the manicure stuff here all ready its just the waxing andf make up stuff

    hope your ok and hope to meet up with you again soon xxxxxxx

    defo going por beauty are you still on for going on the bus
    hi ya angela i was only thinking of you the other day
    i was wondering how you where doing with your new job on lyndhurst rd
    im free this friday if any good to you if you are where would you like to go for a coffee or you can come to my house if ya like might be a bit more cosy and you can met woody the wonder dog 12 oclock would be good for me let me know hunnie xxxxx
    hi hun great to meet you yesterday.hope you enjoy the reception thingy tonight and everyone loves your effects nail xx
    Thank you :)

    Not sure if I will be at "The Event" next year, as I'm not a trained nail tech. But I'm hoping to be at Pro Beauty in Manchester on October 12th.
    LOL, a lot of that is probably Asperger Syndrome - I do tend to get very animated about things that I have an interest in lol! Am well fascinated about the chemistry of spray tans though - I've had a big interest in chemistry for years (particularly since I was 13 - just after my Gran died, we spent a number of weeks at my Uncle's house sorting out my Gran's affairs - and my Uncle had a number of chemistry books that I spent a lot of time reading) - it's what I did my degree in, and I haven't done so much with it since graduating in 1996 (my career has been in IT since then)...
    Thanks Angela thats been a great help.... I did not have plans to go on Sunday for the launch but I might I would like to see the polishes..Thanks again Denise x
    Hi , hope your doing well. I was just wondering on which system you prefer NSI or Creative. I triained with NSI products too, not been trained for very long but feel the prep work is quite harsh. I was thinking of doing a conversion with CND . I see that you are now using them too any advice would be great. Thanks take care xx
    hi hon!

    sorry not replied, been a busy bee! yes still doing very well , it time of the month and have still lost 3 lbs this week, makes 16 libs in five weeks. feel great! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Hun, i have looked at the pics they are fab and you looked like you had a good time. It sounds amazing hun. yes let me know hun that would be great to see what you have done for the salon.
    love deb xxx
    oh my god i cant believe that mate what a rat he was, you will be best doing it at home at least you can work when you want and the hours and no one to boss you about or even put your stuff outside lol, you will have to get some pics on when you have finished it hun.
    i am fine thanks matey i work from home as it fits in with my kids and not only that there is no jobs about anyway. what that the event hun? do i sound think now lol

    the girls are fine thanks hun.
    love deb xx
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