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  • Hi Angela, done my training fab !!!!! Will PM you tomorrow with a few more Q if you don't mind !!!
    Hi, hope you are well and business is good.

    I found the covers for the stools if you want them I can post for you.

    Hey hun how are you? Sorry for the major delay in replying to you.... I've just been soo busy with Holly. Time is flying by! How are you and what have you been up to? We are good..:) have moved to Earby now! Was a bit rushed really but everything is going very well..:) Anthony proposed to me so we thought why not take the plunge and move intogether. Have been living together since May and it's fab...:)

    Thanks hun you're an angel. Having ups and downs but nothing major....just life eh?
    Thanks for caring mate xxxxxxx
    Hey hun, thanks for ther rep.............sorry to hear about your pants day, loads and tonnes of hugs xxxx
    Hi ya,,thanks for the message, im just running out the door to a class now but i;ll message ya properly in the morning.. what do you have already?
    Hi do you think you can advise on my thread nail trauma advisde please I have got the client with me now and just wantedto get another opinion before I go ahead with appointment. Please if you can. xx
    Hiya mate xx
    Yes completely loved up...Tonys taking me and our girls away in July to Menorca for 8 days...can't wait!
    Do you still not fancy a bit of mobile or home work? Plenty of £££ to be made if you can get yourself a few regulars...it sometimes ends up you have more than you want/need just by word of mouth.
    Do you spraytan?? I was gonna say if you fancy a coffee sometime we could spray each other here and save the expense...or I'd give you a few pointers so you have an idea what to do if you add it to your service menu??
    I've got a few different strengths here in the fridge. To be used before I re-order.
    Give it a thought mate.
    BTW I need some candyfloss for me Tony and the girls can I buy it online?? I've been raving about it and promised I'll buy some for our nights in with a dvd (better get some for the boys as well lol) xxxx
    did i train for what at nsi? lol. i did with nails. i did beauty at college nvq level 2 i did fake bake spray tan training and lashes i did with flirties, i did ear piercing at nsi xx
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