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  • Hey Angela, That sounds like a right bum! well at least you get your money back. Thanks for letting me know about it all....and I hope you get a better one for yourself in the future. Good luck!! xx Maxine
    Sorry to hear your little girl was uswell, hope she is OK now. It was a busy show, I will do it again next year, unless I change jobs, I mean other than nails, looking for different work at the mo. Chocolate fountains and bouncy castles are mega hard work. Just want out of it all.
    Keep in touch.
    Lotsa luv angela x
    Hi Posh! Didn't end up going to the show cos my little girl had to have an op on saturday so she was in hospital all over weekend :( .... would have loved to have met you though! x
    Hi Judy, defo be in touch after weekend, at the Wirral show, doing chocolate fountain kebas in a marquee, 2 days, hope the weather picks up, take a peek at our website www.paleisure.com or www.poshfloss.co.uk they both go to the same site.
    Take care hun.
    Lotsa luv Angela x
    Thanks hun that's so thoughtful of you. I'm doing fine you do learn to cope...you have to, life goes on for the living eh? Can't ever imagine what it's like to lose a child, my kids are my life tbh. But like you say you do learn to cope, you have to I spose?
    Hugggs mate x
    appt not a prob just let me know and we can work around it....if you think they are too long we can always take the length down. In all honesty I've had stilettos on and off for about a year and you do get used to them.....just don't wear tights lol x
    thank you, and yeah it is a small world.
    i bet its lovely working with chocolate fountains! i had a baileys choc fountain for xmas, its lush! thanks for the advice about the nsi course, i'll steeer clear of that one xx
    Hey Angela, No I didnt get it in the end, I didnt read anymore into it either but maybe have a look on some other review sites, theres plenty of them around.
    If you do get one...let me know as Id be interested to hear results!!
    isnt oil so expensive! we ordered 500 litres 20th of dec for £250, and now we need more! crazy! xxx
    hey hey thanks for the add. hopefully will see you there. Have you tried the popits yet???
    well i dont think im gonna make it before 11am , but will try hun,

    and i was being polite , so as not to scare you off, i dead gobby lol

    nicky xxx
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