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    12% DHA - is this the most popular strength?

    Hi, I offer 10% - 12% & 14%. Every client is different, some like to be dark, some not. But if the client already has a darker skin base, you could need 14% for them to see much difference. I prefer 14% on myself. The model on my website is wearing Organics 14% lotsa...
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    Low Cost Websites

    Hi, I have just done 2 new sites, one with "The Nails and Tanning Room" my 2nd one is with weebly "The Dressmaker" both need lots more work on yet, but just wanted to get a web presence. Wish I had done both with weebly, as with...
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    Hostpappa Website Templates

    Hi All, I have used for one site and weebly for my other site, both have been free. But would still like to know more about Hostpapa if anyone has their site with them. I need to move hubby's business site, it is a big site, so want to go with the right company, I am prepared to pay for...
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    Manchester GMEX 16-17 October 2011

    Hi, I go on both days as it is so near for me. But Sunday is the best day. Monday there will be hundreds of excited students all buying waxing kits and dragging them around all day. Bless them all, such a fantastic day for everyone. Monday usually quietens down around 2pm when most of...
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    Hostpappa Website Templates

    Hello......... Someone on here must have a Hostpapa site. Please let me see your site. Thanks x x x x
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    Hostpappa Website Templates

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if on Hostpapa website templates if you can change the banner pictures? I know you can on as I already have one site with them, but want to use Hostpapa for a different site, reason it is easy on there to point my pre owned domains at the site. Hostpapa don't...
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    Holiday notice on website?

    Hi, I see from your profile you are mobile. So I would suggest turn your phone off and leave it off. With a voice message on your phone telling clients that do call, you are on annual leave, and as to when you will be back, and that you will return all calls on your return. Giving a date that...
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    Weight Loss Challenge?

    Right you have all motivated me. I am getting a particular dress out, it will hang outside my wardrobe until it fits. When I last was able to wear it I was 2½ stones lighter. At my heaviest ever now. It's a none cheatable dress, no give in it, so it is a real test for me. Will shop for my new...
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    Urgent shellac help please!

    No to scrub fresh, use D Sperse, Scrub fresh has acetone in it. Using it may cause service breakdown. x x x x
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    Hourly Rate?

    Hi, I think it could be time for you to go it alone if you can!! Or even want to. They can see how much you bring in and your experience, ask them what they are prepared to offer you as an hourly rate? Don't tell them how much you want, they have instigated this, they need to tell you how...
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    Clients say the darndest things

    I had a client who was well into her 70's, she refused pink and white acrylics, said only prostitutes wear nails like that!!! Then insisted on red glitter tips on her own nails................ This thread is just so funny x x x x
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    Holiday envy? is there such a thing?

    Hi Hun, Have you ever thought or tried enforced holidays? Like the old fashioned "wakes weeks", I know this is still done in some factories, staff know when the annual holidays are, you all go away at the same time. Down side is salon is shut for the duration of your holidays. But YOU are in...
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    The Paypod Mobile Card Machine

    Thanks for the update Matt. Shame I really wanted this , it would have been such a help. Now I will look into other card systems, but will need to know it is going to be worth the monthly fees. Best wishes x x x x x
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    Spray tan only taken to parts of skin!!

    Hi, Did you ask her if she had used conditioner on her hair? If so as she rinsed that off it could act similar to a barrier cream on her skin. Just a thought !!!! Hope you solve your problem. Lotsa luv x x x
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    Worried about Shellac application

    So glad you are on with sorting her out, you will feel much better. Ask her wich ones she is not happy with? Then scrub fresh all 10 nails, re apply colour where needed, then give her top coat on all 10 nails. I know they may not need it, but she will feel you have done more for her, it won't...