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  • hi I would really like to order your video dvd could you possibly give me some information i originally trained with noveau but i am keen to learn some advance teqhniques as i have been doing eyelash extensions day in day out for 2 years now

    many thanks in advance

    Adi x
    He he! You're so funny Posh!! Glad it has got you singing....all together now.... "here we go lu-b-lu here we go lu-b-laaaaaaa.... :-D my dad still calls me lu-B-lu... I'm 30 this year and really should grow up!! Lol xx
    Hi Poshlash, thanks for the rep :) and keep up the posts they are fab xxx
    Hey Karren, I personally position my client the same way as I would lash them without the gel pads. I fold a cotton round in half, place it under her lashes to be removed. Then I apply the gel remover. Let it set for about a mimute, then I take a tightly woven cotton swab and run it from base to tip. The extensions should slide right off. Once the lashes are off, I then neuturalize the remover with 2 half folded cotton rounds saturated in just pain water. I may ask client if she would like to see her "virgin" lashes before I start lashing her again. :)
    you're welcome, thank you you're really helping me out

    i did post in groups but could you tell me how you position your client for a lash removal - sitting up or laying down ? also do you need the gel pads in place for this, thanks karren
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