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  • Yes you can put an acrylic overlay on the top of Minx. No big secrets, just apply it on the scrubfreshed surface of the Minx. Maybe easier is to use Shellac base and top over the Minx. Some are doing that with great success.
    So glad I was there to help you and glad it all worked out. xx :hug: Nice of you to send me a message.
    Hi, I think your website is lovely! Its really easy to navigate and use. The pics in your gallery are lovely too. Where did you buy the fruit canes from? xx
    Thanks, I booked it, Its being done on Friday I cant wait...will post pictures. Just hope she looks as nice as on the picture...x
    Thank you thats very nice of you to say, I am not an expert in web sites but I did have a go at this one myself and I am happy with it. Cx
    Hi, Thanks for your pic comment, I have done these by putting on my acrylic black tip and as it is setting indent it with the edge of a paperclip fill the indent with white and after it has set and you file to shape the white shape comes through, you can get the branding tools from Young Nails for different shapes but its just the same. hth. Cx
    Hi, thanks! Yeah I should get my bum in gear really and start getting some clientelle lol x
    Hiya again :) \was just reading your thread about cutting corners. I was wondering out of interest what salon it is in plymouth?! xx
    Yes Tantrick do on-site training, you would need to contact Helen for the prices,
    just tell her Louise the trainer from Yorkshire gave you her contact details and she will look after you xxx
    Hello love
    I am a trainer for Tantrick spray tanning so i can answer any questions you have but i am up in Yorkshire so a bit far for you to travel to unless you come up to this area for any reason,
    we do have trainers all over the Country though,
    i think Helen is the nearest trainer to you, you can email her at

    and the website where you can find Tantrick is

    hope this helps, but if you have any questions feel free to ask and i will help all i can xxx
    Hi matey, i have seen in your thread about going self employed, what have you deccided to do?
    Hi, I just saw your thread. I agree with what loubylou said, you are self employed so you decide whats what. I am self employed and I determine what hours I go in, if I want to finish early, if im sick and not go in etc... If I couldnt go in, I would ring clients that I had booked in and explain. Are you self employed now? I see you live in Plymouth, Im not too far, I live in Dawlish :) xx
    hiya, no i havent but i use nsi balance4 finishing gel, that is nice, and so is mani Q from young nails look on their website xx
    hey hun yea they arrived i just used 2 on each hand as i used them on my self and i think they was slightly to thick next time i think i am going to order the full canes and slice them myself
    I do think it must be more difficult now. When I started no one really knew anything about nail enhancment so my challenge was convincing women they wanted this thing they'd never heard of. Now you hve much more competition so to enter the fray and be successful you have to do really good work.
    I didn't know it was your question .. I thought it was my question :)
    I was fully booked within 3 months of starting ... but don't forget, that it was 1985 and very new and nil competition. x
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