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  • Hi Iam

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I've been trying to set up Salon Lite and do both beauty and nail treatments. I might be missing something but I can't seem to add a manicure to the same treatment list as a facial. I work on my own so don't I don't want a column as a therapist and a separate one as a nail technician? I hope I'm making sense.

    Thanks Chris
    Hi! Would you be able to send me link with salonlite app for galaxy tab please. I ve got everything setted up but cant find app its frustraiting lol
    Kindest regards
    Hi Ian can you give me info on the salonlite program...what are the benefits of upgrading and how much would it cost? Does it work with hardware I.e. cash register & scanner?
    Hi Ian if possible can you send me through pricing fir the Premier package you refer to.
    Regards Darren
    just started using salon lite and i am very impressed so far.
    However it would be good if you could program in a schedule for a haircut booking after booking in a colour. IE our booking system works like so, retouch tint 30 mins appointment, then an hour space for developing then booked back for an hour for haircut.
    storing record cards on here would be very advantageous as well
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