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  • I changed my tips and glue as I had problems with the ones supplied with the course. I used a brush on glue which I found much easier to control. I can't remember what tips I used though, may hav just been some cheap ones from ebay.
    Hey hun

    I found the glue withthe trainer to be a bit poop - try Gelbond by CND or Nfu Oh brush on :D The tips are a bit of a nuisance at times - you may need to file them to cstom fit or perhaps look into picking up a pack of differnt tips, as long as they are natural ones you be fine :D xxx
    Hi hun, The first thing to check is that the tip is the correct size and shape for the nail. The curve of the tip needs to match the curve of the nail as closely as possible. Then make sure you are using enough glue, I alway find it's better to risk using a bit too much as opposed to maybe not having enough. Too much and you can wipe away the excess that squishes out, but not enough and you can't add more. What tips and glue are you using? Congrats on your job at the spa, How's it going?
    That's fab are you there full time? Yes I do massage and gel nails and now gelish add me on Facebook if you like totalwellbeing bynina I live at ropily what about u? X
    Hiya yes good thank you, am starting to build a fair few regular clients but obviously takes time how r u getting on? X
    Hi, yes it's a stamping kit, take a look at the video Konad Nails - Video It's so addictive!!
    thats always good, I used to feel like it was me rather than my skills to begin with so hopefully when I go on trade tests I'll have more nerve to talk about things. Your trade test sounded like a good one really! Oh god I was like that driving still won't drive in nottingam! Totally agree with you about the employer thing nobody wants trainees :( Good luck at Eden Hall x
    Yes actaully not long after reading your Ragdale thread I did took me ages to fill in all their forms..the letter went off friday so hoepfully hear back soon... I'm 20 and did my traing after school and got lumbered into doing other jobs because I didnt have to confidence and things really. I do indeed drive would get stuck around here if I didnt only been driving a year really though so before I was limited to where I could apply to. wow eden hall well done :) did you have to go and trade test? x
    I've looked a few places Nottingham way and I've seen they do it at Grantham (I think :s) I work at Stapleford Park at the minute, still looking for a beauty position just not been lucky yet...but in my spare time I do spray tanning and all my other treatments from home on friends etc so get the best of both worlds your skills list is brill! how old are you? x
    I actually trained at Stamford! because I used to live In Cottesmore (a smallish village near oakham) I did my NVQ2 & 3 there as well as spray tanning and ear piercing I'd like to add eyelash extensions and nail enhancements to my training though how about you? x
    I actually live in Waltham on the wolds which is about 10minutes from melton if that and about 15-20mins to grantham? where did you train? x
    Hi hun, thought I'd say hi as your only up the road from me as I live in Melton Mowbray! not many geeks from our way! x
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