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  • Hiya! Yeah they don't make it as simple as a group! I managed to change my old Ann Summers page to a profile page for my business that I can use to add people then hopefully point them in the direction of my page :)
    Hope its a nice sunny day over in grantham! x
    Hiya! Just saw your post on my profile. I haven't actually started clients yet, im in the process of setting up so will see how it goes. But i guess having a facebook profile cant hurt either way. Good luck! x x
    We would be able to insure you for the qualifications you already hold, but we could not insure you for your level 2 until you have completed it. Please feel free to call our membership advisors on 0845 2177 384 for more information.

    Do you mean that the qualifications you hold are sections of your level 2, or are they seperate qualifications?
    Business is good thanks hun got a nice set of reg clients still loving nails wish i had learnt them sooner. Glad all is good with you. Keep in touch xx
    Well hello there stranger where you been hiding?!!! Hope all is well with you? whats new? Me im fine busy working hard on my business xx
    Hi there, how are you doing? Did you get yourself a job? If you are in the area ever just pop in and say hello, would be good to meet you.
    Sam xx
    that sounds great! are you enjoying it? :) still got dark hair? i have dark hair now! :) life is alright! :) working away on the counters still, travelling makeup artist! :) xx
    we havent spoken in ageeees! miss you! how was your course? did you learn lots? who was the course by? :) xx
    hi wher did you do the fake bake training? i'm in lincoln & have been trying to search where its done, cheers nicky x
    Probably... the Birmingham show is the closest to me and it's a nice couple of days; one day it would be fab to do some of the other shows too, although I doubt if I'll be able to afford to for a while now, as the Birmingham one was pretty expensive when all was said and done, and most of the other shows have similar prices for the stands too...
    Cool - wow it was such a buzz doing the stand at Beauty UK though - even though I'm a bit knackered still now (didn't get up until late this morning either).
    Hiya - cool that is so fab that you saw me at the show today; sorry we didn't get a chance to chat as I was quite busy for a fair bit of the time (and the rest of the time I was handing out flyers to people like a mad thing LOL). Hope you enjoyed the show; I certainly did even though it was hard work running the stand!
    Hey, I opened a trade account before i placed an order so im not sure how long it would be before you get your delivery. I've heard that Fake Bake have a bit of a reputation for items not arriving in time but ive never experienced this myself, usually takes a few days when i place an order, my 1st order took slightly longer i think though.

    To open a trade account you need to give them a ring and have a chat with them. They sent me a form to fill out and we took it from there.

    How much you charge depends on where you are located, how much other salons/mobile technicians in your local area charge, and also experience, obviously you'll want to have a good amount of sucessfull practices under your belt before you let yourself loose on the general public! I personally charge £20 mobile in my local area, i do think i should charge more for being mobile as this particular treatment is definately better to have in your own home. I also work in a salon and charge £25, this salon is not in my local area so i charge a bit more to cover my rent.

    Do a bit of research if you haven't already.

    Sarah x
    No hun im done for now just busy trying to build up business good its hard but getting there slowly lol x
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