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    Hushabye Mountain

    hth Lyrics - Hushabye Mountain Lyrics if the link dosen't work copy and paste into you address bar x
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    all our names in scratch

    i'm there, i'm there!!!!!!!!! as soon as i opened the pic i saw my name!!!!!!!! how cool is that? x x
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    Advice about how to apply tartan??????

    Why not buy a bottle of tartan nail varnish. Yeah yeah i know i couldn't resist that one. it's something i would fall for so had to say it. lol :green: Can't help with how to do it but i'm sure the tutorial will be a great help. X X
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    I need a good glitter nail varnish.

    i know barry m nail varnishes are good i have a few glitter ones and they are fab. Also china glaze is a nice one. HTH X:)
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    When you're smiling

    i voted just curved, i'm not too keen a really smiley smiles. i usually do a nice slight smile although when i first started out they looked more like a smirk. :green: x
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    which l&p system is best???

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    Making jewellery

    hiya, i've just taken up making jewellery (only costume stuff). i have sold a few things and i do enjoy doing it. it can get quite costly though as you find more and more things to buy as therei s so many differant things to use. as said hobbycraft is quite good and ebay. let me know and i...
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    gel pots wont open

    i didnt realise gel went off?? i've had the pots about 12 months but used them not so long ago. i'll try some of the hints above i dont really want to throw them away. cheers
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    gel pots wont open

    can anyone help, my bio gel pots are being awkward and wont open i have cleaned the outside of them but they wont budge. anyone know how i can loosen them. Cheers x x x x
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    Enhance me ?

    i can't stand having nothing on my nails. i say to people i can tie my hair up if it needs washing. i dont wear make up very often (i think i can get away with it, i may be wrong lol) but i hate not having nails on. Saying that i soaked mine off on sunday and have now only got one nail on my...
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    What do you think of Nailtiques???

    i love my nailtiques products, manicures seem to be more and more popular lately. have some nice results with them there handcream is fab! hth x
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    Name that tune ??? New Game

    seal kiss from a rose? look in my eyes, you will see
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    New Game for Lovers of The Crimson Room

    ummm like help i have three keys one ring a casette a red box cant find the white tape and want to get out!!!!!!!!!
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    Help needed on Acrylic Sets

    hi sarah differant people take differant times i guess its all about confidence really if you feel like you can do a good enough set of nails in that time then dont worry. i took about 3hrs to do my sister when i first started out and they were still awful. most peeps will probably...
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    Stiff fingers!!!

    my sister has a habit of keeping her hands stiff so once if smacked her fingers with my nails file and told her to relax. NOT the best thing to do on your clients i must stress but it gets her to relax. i have threatened it to a few of my regulars which strangly enough makes them laugh...