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  • Hi hun thank you thats nice of ya to say!! My gel course took me around 4 months i was still workind at the time so was doing it as and when!! My acrylic took me about 6 weeks but that was with working on it loads.

    Bank holiday was great loving the sunshine :) but its over with to quick! xx
    Im finding it ok so far! Im starting the gel applications tonight. Taken a while to get to grips with tipping to be honest. How people manage to complete it in 3 - 6 weeks I dont know!! The housework keeps getting in the way!!

    Do you do much every day or just a couple of times a week??

    Hey, of course i don't mind :)

    I've nearly finished my course, hopefully will be done in the next two weeks or so, it's taken me ages!!!!

    How are you finding it?
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