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    Website through Vistaprint

    I use Vistaprint for exactly that reason - I wanted my business cards, flyers, website etc. to all look the same. Create a "business identity" if you like. I found it easy to use and set up. As someone else said, you can also monitor activity on the site. Good luck! xx
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    What did you all do when you had a baby?

    So glad you asked this question Helen cos I was wondering what to do! I'd started up mobile and was building up a small but loyal client base. I didnt have anyone to pass my clients to so just had to tell them I was going on maternity leave and would contact them when Im back in business...
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    Need launch party advice please.....

    I would say rather than calling it a "launch party" that you call it an "open evening". Exactly the same thing but with a slightly different slant on it! Good luck and hope you get lots and lots of clients! xx
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    Does anyone have a dual purpose room at home for treatments

    Thats not a bad idea! Give that a go and if anyone says anything just say "oh I didnt think you'd mind seeing as it will be bringing in extra cash and not just gathering dust!" I always find the idea of extra money sways my OHs mind every time :-)
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    Employment & mobile beauty

    Just a thought, but is there anyone you know through college you could pass some clients onto or that would like to come in with you on a self employed basis? Might come in handy if you ever wanted to take a holiday too!
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    Does anyone have a dual purpose room at home for treatments

    As someone else said, as long as it was professional looking and looked like a salon I think it would definately work. There are quite a few people on here who run very successful businesses from their home. As for insurance, again, I dont think that would be a problem as long as you look...
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    mobile therapist equipment

    I've got a fold up table and a fold up stool that I bought from argos. The tables not that big though - find it ok to do manicures but may have to get a bigger "nail station" type thing when I start doing gel nails. I always take my table in but keep my stool in the car until I suss things...
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    Client Trouble

    Quick question - how does she plan on getting her refund if she refuses to let you see her nails or even answer her phone? She sounds like a right cow who knows a little bit about trading standards. Your work doesnt look sub standard at all but she had plenty of chance at her appointment to...
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    Client Trouble

    I do agree with ringing her to resolve the dispute. She probably wont answer the phone, in which case, that speaks volumes to me. I'd put money on her backing down completely if you spoke to her. Plus as someone pointed out, it saves waiting. Im a bit nervous about confrontation but you'll...
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    mobile therapists sterilising

    I know its not very environmentally friendly but I use as much disposable stuff as I can - cuticle sticks in particular for manicures instead of a cuticle pusher. I also have two sets of metal mani/pedi tools i.e. cuticle nippers, tip cutters for when I do extensions, about four sets of...
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    Treatment timing disclaimer

    What about something simple and to the point like "All treatment times include consultation" At least if its there at the bottom of the menu people cant say they havent been told! Good luck :-)
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    Help Help - Need Information - Business Plan

    ooops sorry just posted on your other thread!
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    Car decals, rear window, does anyone have these?

    Been thinking of this myself as I thought it was another place to get my name out there! Plus im always out and about - picking my daughter up from school, shopping, at friends as well as parked outside clients houses so Im thinking a few calls may come from it. I dont think they're that...
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    considering a career in beauty

    About three years ago I found myself in exactly the same position as you. I'd wanted to do beauty when I left school but my very persuasive father made me get an office job and earn some money. Dont get me wrong, I did earn good money but always regretted not doing what I wanted to. So...
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    Do you agree with this?

    That article sounds a bit extreme! One of the first things I learnt at college was about appearance (not that I needed to be taught it if you know what I mean!) and how important it is as this is the first thing a client or potential client will form an opinion on! Personally, as I do...