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  • Unless you love it it can be so fiddly and a bit stressful to do at first! Plus you need to be strict on treatment plans. If you have a passion for it you can make good money and it really works however you would have to invest in the machine and more training.
    Thanks for the thanks :) Are you doing a refresher or did you read up on it? :hug:
    Hi doll. No, I don't have a dvd yet. Shame you're so far away as you could have come to me for training. WHy don't you get a group together and I'll come to Oz? I've been asked to go there before and I'm seriously thinking about it. xxx
    Hi ... nailzoo would know who is selling PopIts if anyone is in Oz. If youwant some, you can order them from Sweet Squared. They will send anywhere in the world. They are light in weight so shouldn't cost much. Send a pm to Mrs Geek and ask her. xx
    Hi Minetta
    I just joined tonight.
    I have been reading through some of the posts now and then and always find it helpful.
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