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  • Hey there, just to let you know that we are relocating to The Academy Shopping Centre as of the 1st April. We are having a Open day on monday 12th April and have people coming up from Leeds from Entity if you would like to come along?

    Natalie x
    het, got em at a salon in aberdeen, aye they were ace after 4 o them i was considerably smoother!!!!!!!!
    Hi, Beauty Uncovered in Cults or my friend Lucy does them 01224 869882 or Lucy 07743447457.

    Not got Vani-T in yet............cant wait to try it out, I'll keep you updated x
    Sorry for the late reply!!!

    Yes there sure is, do you want me to pencil your name in?
    Give me a phone 01224 593322 xx
    Hi Laura, have only just seen the rep, thanks so much and hope things are ok for you? hugs Britta
    that dog of yours...tell me..does the fir get stuck in between the trying to find an alternative to lamb :eek::lol::lol:
    Lol! i see im not the only one in love with your dog!!! Thanks for getting back to me that is deffo going to be my next pet - too cute for words!!!:)
    Hi, can I have your doggy please ? I will look after her very well and feed her and she can suggle up on the duvet with me, I will take her for walkies in a pink pram , and buy her the very best doggy foods ,lol x just kidding :lol: ,
    but she / he is so adorable :hug: x minky
    This is of no consequence to this forum what-so-ever but what sort of dog is that in you avator? I've seen one before near where i live and have been trying to find out what breed it is - they're adorable, i want one!!! lol! x
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