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    Thank you. If you try it, good luck x
    Thanks for your message Layla, oh gosh I can't wait!! haha love vani-t such a nice tan :) hope your well xxx
    Hiya hun, thanks so much for your message! I wasn't ignoring you, I never come on SG on the pc (only use my phone) so only just seen your message! Thank you so much, it was lovely :) He's doing ok thank you, more appointments this week! xxxx
    Hiya! Hows things? I was doing a search for t-shirt printing and noticed you mentioned getting a diamanté design printed from eBay? Can you remember the seller please?! Xxx
    Excellent idea! Let me know when you're sorted and direct me to your page! Good luck with getting the summerhouse it'll be fab! Xx
    Good idea! I've been communicating with Zo Zo (Berins) and she's so helpful. Really pleased you're so busy! Can't wait until I'm busy everyday! How long did it take you to get to that stage? I think ...@the beauty studio is a good idea...sums it up nicely! Xx (managed to post this on my own visitor messages!)
    Good idea about the Facebook promotion. I think once I get a few it'll be word of mouth, but it's getting going isn't it? Bet you're so excited about the summerhouse! Are you going to have a grand opening?! Will you still do some mobile? Xxx
    I've gone with Berins blue (hot wax) and Berins Ease strip wax. It's so easy to work with! Do you do much waxing? Xxx
    Ive added my pennies worth to the thread! Things are going well thanks (thanks for the compliment about the nails!) getting busier...quite a few recommendations now. Need to push the waxing a bit more, but not sure how! Can't really put photos on Facebook like I do with nails! Any tips?! Xxx
    I just had a quick look on google to check and there is more than 1 crystal pedicure set of mine lol. The red & silver french tip set, green set with silver french tip and silver set over Minx are all there lol. They have been picked up from all the posts they are in on this site lol. xx
    Can I ask what course Kim is running in Cardiff and what date it is? I cant find any info on it on her website!
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