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    Additional Lengths only accepts Habia approved certificates?

    I know this is an old thread, I’m trying to apply for the trade account for the salon, does the account holder have to be the same as the person on the certificate if that makes sense as it’s two people that run our salon and only one has their certificate (one has been lost)
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    Blue black/midnight blue

    Hi there! Looking for some help! I have a client who wants to go blue black she’s a level 4/5 just now. Which colours would be best? Also I use Wella mainly but have been using guy tangs range lately and know he does a colour called midnight blue. However I’m unsure on whether to pre lighten...
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    GDPR help!

    I know this may of been covered but I’m writing up a statement for clients to sign, what should I include consent for apart from the following: To hold client records Client details To contact them To use images on social media Any other tips ? Thanks S x
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    Hair loss from extensions help!

    I did say this to her but she is positive she's lost half her hair despite having no bald patches, she's sent me pictures too and the ends of her hair are exceptionally thin but that I'm sure is down to her hair being thinned out by another stylist
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    Hair loss from extensions help!

    Hi there, I've done extensions for years and never had this problem before! My client came in May/ June for her micro loop extensions she naturally had thin to normal hair and wanted the micro rings to which I only fitted 100g max, obviously her hair was cut shaped and parts of it thinned to...
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    From blonde hair extensions to white!

    Hi everyone! i've had a problem with blonde extensions since i started years ago, i can never get them in white! my current supplier does #60 #613 and silver but not white:cry::cry::cry::cry: my current client is white and has a batch of #60 going in, can any one recommend a toner that will...