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  • Hi love! Your lashes are BEAUTIFUL! I want to start training myself, can you tell me where you trained or recommend any courses at all? really appreciate any help! x
    Just stopping by to congratulate you on being fully booked 6 days a week (read a post today) - looking at your lashes album I can see why - they are Gorgeous. Well done you. x
    I've just posted two photos of my lashes. I've only done 2 clients so not getting as much practice as I would like. Am getting on around 18-20 per eye but I can see from my photos that I need to comb through the lashes a bit more. I'm starting from the middle in each eyes, then going to the inner corners, outer corners and then filling in the gaps. Any feedback would be great as your lashes are amazing! :)) xx
    Your eyelashes are just gorgeous and your video is fantastic, you make it look so easy. I've just started training in nouveau lashes and did my 1st client on Friday and managed around 20 eyelashes in each eye so a long way to go LOL!!! I've not been trained to apply bottom lashes yet, not sure if I will cover this in my course. Am also using pore tape with invidual lashes which I find quite time consuming to load them up. Once I pass my assessment, I think I would like to use lash strips. Am enjoying it and picking up lots of tips and advice as I go. Hopefully I can be as good as you one day, your work is amazing. :):)
    Hi Priory,
    I loved your vid on violet lash's just wondered what make and size your using, i've been using Hollywoods for about a year but thinking of changing.
    Carrie x
    Hi Priory! I was just checking out your lash extension photo's and they are amazing! Just about to do my lash course so being nosy!! xx
    Hi Priory,

    Thanks for your response to my question!

    Im covering Vertical Tanning Units for Tanning World Magazine, and wondered whether you would like to be involved? All I would need is your full name, location and a picture of yourself.

    You can contact me on if you would like to be involved.

    Thanks again!

    Abbi x
    Ur lashes look amazing! I've been doing blink & go for nearly 2 weeks I love doing them, x
    Hi, i've just watched your vid and it's fab!! Which lash system do you use?

    Whereabouts are you based and how much do you charge for training?
    Hi Katie, I am working with lashes and filling in my case study book. I have a about 2- 3 ladies a week booked and hope to be back to see you when the children are back to school. Had some fun ungluing eyelids the other day but results were pleasing when all was completed, client was happy. Practice makes perfect lol. Thank you for your message. :) Debbie.
    Hi Katie, thank you for a lovely training day!! I have 4 ladies already to do this week. My room is all set up and ready to go!! :)
    I am delighted to be friends, thank you. Debbie xx
    Hi, (I looked at your 'about me' page) regarding lashes, do you teach at Margarita Belska? if so, do students train on each other or take a model to the class?
    Thanks. Debbie
    lashes really are the best invention EVER aint they.
    its fantastic to see a proper lash job. will u b my lash freind
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