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  • You really do have the patience of a saint re: tanning. Shame your advice has fallen on deaf ears x
    Hey ProperPrincess, Just seen your lashes and they are gorgeous....Hope you don't mind me asking who you trained with? I am researching loads of Semi-permanent lash companies at the minute as I want to add this to my bow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....Thank you MT :)
    Hi there, you've got a yellow star under your name! Are you a supplier too? And thanks for pointing out about diabetes! I think that other young lady doesn't really understand!
    Hi Princess!!

    Ive been looking through some of your posts about clusters and wondered if you could help me?

    Im doing a course in manchester with Nsi so i think i get the basic salon systems kit. Im really confluzzled about glue though, when i had clusters done previously they used the salon systems black glue on me but now ive been looking thats a semi permanent glue isnt it?

    Are clusters only meant to last up to a week if your lucky? what glue do you use? x

    Thanks for your help darlin xxx
    Hiya, Ive just been in the Biz geek forum and saw your post about leaving your old place.. so sh** that people would steal from you :/ Wishing you good luck now in your new venture :) xxxo
    Hi Clare long time no message! How's the salon going? My studio opened 4 weeks ago it's been mayhem and am making the most of a quieter week this week! Lashes going ok, still a long way off getting them as good as yours! But I packing in as many as I can for fullness. Hope your keeping well xx
    hi proper princess,
    im quite new to sg and ive recently started doing ee, ive been looking through some of these feeds and i can see your def a pro at them! can you advise what primer, glue and sealant to use please, ivee been trying to keep track on the various things you've been saying but when i look at the websites they're description of the products are slightly different so im so confused! i stupidly did my training with marvel lash and as you know they are rubbish!if you could let me know that would be fab! thanks hun!xx
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