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    How to achieve this colour?

    Can any one help please? My customer is the bleach blonde all over colour and wants to achieve the ithe colour? Can anyone help please? I normally use well koleston? Thank you.
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    What's the best builder in a bottle?

    What's everyones recommendations for builder in a bottle? Tgb is just a no go for me anymore. There's to much worry surrounding it. The trouble is I've tried a couple of other brands and they don't last no where near as long as tgb? X
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    Washing customer's hair at home?

    Thank you, i've seen them but thought surely a normal salon chair wouldnt work with one as they don't lean back?
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    Washing customer's hair at home?

    Hi everyone I have a sly kitted out salon on the side of my parents house. Buy they are moving so I'm having to work from my own house. I only have a room big enough for a chair and mirror and a little storage. No room for a basin [emoji24] I have a bath and a separate stand in shower. So my...
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    Help with LVL products

    Hi where do you order this from please? I've seen it on but never heard of them x
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    Help with LVL products

    Hi where do you order this from please? I've seen it on but never heard of them x
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    Lash lift, what products to use?

    Hey what products do you all use for lash lifting? I'm using the salon services one ATM but I don't think it's as good as it use to be?
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    Strongest Gel Bottle base and top coat!

    Thegelbottle is amazing!
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    E-file training Kent

    Does anyonw know if any companies that do e-file training in Kent please?
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    Students opinions home salons

    Hi yes I would feel comfortable doing this x
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    Farmavita Life Colour Plus professional?

    Hi does anyone have any experience with these colours? I've never seen them before.
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    Blonde hair without full bleach

    So my customer is base 6/7and wants to be blonde. At the minute we use koleston 10/16 pasted on with bleach hilites but the base colour is a bit to brassy. What's the best anyone's achieved without bleaching the hair fully? I don't mind which brands. Any guidance would be great thank you.
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    Kiera Sky advice

    Thank you so if I order one today Ill receive it by end of next week beginning of the following?
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    Kiera Sky advice

    Thank you. How long is the wait on back order for the Kiera sky colour kit? Also do you add VAT onto it or is it already included? Thank you
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    Kiera Sky advice

    Has anyone used the Kiera sky dipping powder? Also to buy the starter kit on it's around £xxx and to buy it on it £xxx. I know I will have to pay skipping from America but it still works out cheaper? But now I don't know if both websites are trusted?