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  • Hi I saw your post and wondered how you got on with Gellbond I have someone coming for DD Wedding nails next week I have used the normal glue and it did not last that long did you put the gelbond on to the nail as well as the DD many thanks Sue x

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    The 3 people I did DD with Gelish over have now all said about it starting to peel off and they can just pull it off - that's 2 weeks ago so not that bad really. However, I am going to use Gelbond now instead of my brush on glue and see if that holds better. Sounds like the issue is with the DD lefting, not the Gelish.
    Just normal glitter thoses stripper ones, will the top coat be ok going over that you think, I seem to be slowed down a bit, weeks go like that then busy busy then nothing.....x
    Hello huni,
    how's you? Just a quickie oooer MRS.... hehehe.
    I have a lady whos coming in afew weeks whos already had Gelish, and just wants me to put some glitter where the growth is, to tyed her over untill her next appt, just wondered when doing this should I just put normal top coat on? And how much you Rec I should charge for this xx
    I was working with lady who did them and I had ago it was good loved it, you going to do some, wel done on new client hun x
    Thank you huni, Yeah I'm just starting out only 3colours and french at mo boohoo,want it all hehehe xx
    OOOOO i Use all Kaeso products love em........., didnt know if you rec something else thats fab, And just a quicky ooooer mrs.... How much do you charge for your cuticle oil. if you dont mind me asking ?xx
    Hiya was it worth doing the Gelish course basically straight forward, did you get a certificate? and where did you do that? Also huni do you do waxing? xx
    Hiya Julie hows you? Just saw that you are from Northants, Where abouts are you?
    quick Question about this Gelish, do you do french? how do you do it & Is it easy, xx
    Hi Julie hope you don't mind me befriending you, I thought seeing as we were so near to each other it might be good to keep in touch x
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