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  • i was looking at training with them in Sheffield. I was just wondering if the course was any good before i committed to them. x
    Hi Julie, it's ok. I trained last September. I would like to be mobile so i am slowly building up my business which seems very hard :( I do have another business too so have to concentrate on both :) but to be honest i find doing nails so therapeutic. Only it still takes me 2 hours to finish a set lol.
    Just converted to cnd as i love the products. I trained with Mercia and some other horrible stuff the company used for training. But i am getting on very well with CND. I did sculpting with my training and that is what i love to carry on doing as i hate tips lol.

    Let me know if you still want a model sometimes for sculpting i still use my nail trainer to keep on practising :)
    Hi sorry just seen this I've moved house no net so been using the iPhone app that dosent say I have visiter message and didn't get email to say lol
    I prep , aply the DD , buff it ect , get rid of dust , aply the gelish/ shellac base all over (getting sides and free edge to,) , cure
    then I get a teeny tiny bit of colour in brush turn brush around so the bristles are facing the free edge and panint it backwords towords the client, then near the cuticle area I turn brush normal way round to get that area tidy ,cure , do 2nd coat , top coat all over including free edge and sides and done !
    I love this way with colour and DD on long nails as it gives the look of real long nail beds,
    Hi, I only use it on one client who has tips every time I see her. (basically she is my only mobile client and reveal lives in my kit for her everyone esle comes to my home salon)
    I like the gel and so does my client. I am please it stays put so I can do all 4 fingers before curing. I find it strong and crystal clear and easy to file. My client is a bad nail biter and usually she has bitten them off after 2 weeks, but on the odd occassion she has an infil the gel has no lift and is great to infil. she always has a colour over and never french. I hope you enjoy using Reveal, you should try Gelish too it is fantastic!
    Hi Julie, I havent been around much for a while but just wondered how you got on with the fusion?? x
    Yeah sounds good, are you on facebook? i will e-mail you my e-mail address and we can sort something out x
    the l&p will come with time just takes practice, i not used gelish yet keep meaning to try it, im using opi axxium soak off gel which is lovely. We should meet up could swap tips and tricks x
    Hey, I'm in Rushden so not far from you at all!!! i like getting to know other local techs, helps us trade secrets and help each other out xx
    Hi Julie, you sound like me ;-) Ive lost faith in l&p at the moment and am concentrating on gel, shellac and Minx but hope to get back to it after Christmas when I have more time. I havent really tried the fusion yet, the only thing i did was try it very quickly on a tip but found that the pink was very pink over the white even when refined so it didnt look good. I was wondering if others use a reverse technique with it but I havent tried that yet - im having enough trouble with 1 technique lol.

    Let me know how you get on! Im hoping to throw myself into it after Christmas :)

    You will love it! I haven't got any tips really as it is just so simple to use. Hard to explain really it is the easiest I have ever used in 11 years in the nail business. It's not ratio sensitive either so there is nothing to get used to. You will see what I mean when you get it! Any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to help xx
    Hi Julie,

    I would recommend Body Builder Soft White & Builder Blush in the Balance UV Gel line. That will produce a very natural pink and white French. If your client has some imperfections on the nail plate you would like to cover, try Body Builder Cover Pink Warm.

    All the best!

    Hi Julie. I did use millenium for a few years, but I changed to Cnd last year. Millenium was o,k, very strong smell though. Do prefere cnd now as it's so much easier to use and the nails are lovely. I still use millenium fibreglass which is good. Hth
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