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    Money saving tips for the house?

    * Using money saving sites, greasypalm is the one i use most. * Collecting vouchers, looking for money saving offers and buy one get one free's on things that won't go off too quick, buying often used items in bulk * Cancelling unused subscriptions for magazines, websites etc oh and cancelling...
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    What is in your opinion the best shampoo?

    In the past good ones that have suited my hair at that particular time are: Pantene, Sunsilk & Toni & Guy's Currently i use Ojon shampoo & conditioner but my dry scalp problem is starting to get used to it now so i'm going to have to find a new one soon, at least the Ojon doesn't make me itch...
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    Colouring Children's hair

    My mum is the sort of person who is convinced that colouring your hair ruins it so of course would not allow my sister to go to the hairdressers (or my aunty's who's a trained hairdresser) to get her hair highlighted or coloured, i really wish she had though as then my sister wouldn't have done...
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    Name the Kitten !!!

    Or keeping to a beauty/nails theme Bluegems sapphire nails Bluegems sapphire beauty (beauty or sapphire for short) Edit: What gorgeous kittys though, think i need to show them to ruth and drop a hint lol although we probably should stop at 6 kitties..... *grin*
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    The most annoying advert

    Since getting Piggy the pug we've now grown to hate ANY ads that have animals or weird random shapes in like the bupa advert because Piggy goes barmy at them barking at the tv and jumping up on her back legs at it, one's in particular she hates are the bbc hippos introducing programmes, the...
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    donor card

    I'd love to be able to register as an organ donor but my health, disability and various drugs i'm on mean i can't nor can i give blood for the same reasons. I'm hoping that possibily when i do eventually die that they will be able to use my corneas as i think thats something they can use no...
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    Stage Make-up

    The place we can particularly recommend from whom we get a lot of our bodypainting/facepainting supplies is The Three Kings Theatrical Make up some of the things are on their website or they are happy to take telephone orders as well if you know what it is your after. If there is a particular...