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  • Hi Pure

    I'm just doing a search on daylight lamps because i have just bought one today the same as yours. Mine has a 9w bulb but I notice that some have a 13w bulb. please can you tell me which you have and if it is the 9w do you think it is ok.

    I think mine will be ok but I haven't tried it out on a set of nails yet.

    Thank you
    Hiya hun - thanks for your message. Thing are going great with my appointments at home so I glad I made the move. How is your new place going?
    Hello Debbie....i love the look of your salon....what an achievement for you this past year has and i are fine....may have a position as head therapist in a spa....will know on Monday,keep you updated xxx
    Oh that is fantastic hun, will give them a call in the morning, my clients would love them. Thanks hunny xxxx:hug:
    Debs am loving your salon and wish you all the very best with it. Can I ask where you got your butterfly files? I love them xxxxx
    I said YES like the man from delmonte hehe to friends!!
    I had bad time at a salon and now work from my home salon and it has been the best thing for me, would not have done it if the Cow was nice cos i'd still be at her salon. iykwim
    Chin Up, for you and stick up fingers for her!
    Oh that is mean! Have you got all your client record cards to send them some incentive to come to your new place?
    Good on you too hun. I think these are going to be good re-starts for both of us. Good luck for next week hun x x x
    I just hug out a load when the snow started this morning I should have take it as a sign "Step away from the washing" :lol: Its getting frostie here now so no more washing for me!
    Im good thanks hun spent the day doing washing I should really be ironing but thought I would geek instead :lol:
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