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  • thanks, don't know how long it will last, was just curious as to what was going on :)
    Only a few days but my sister has been using it for two months and she has lost weight not sure how much but she looks so much slimmer! Can't believe carbs can be in vegetables like carrots I'm sure when I put a peach in carbs came up again! I just thought right carbs is pasta, rice potatoes ect! I don't feel as bloated mind, I've not cut anything out just staying within my daily limit, mind at the weekend the sticky toffe pudding and soya custard put me 400 calories over!!!! Whops x
    Ah I no how you feel, I'm off on my hols in few weeks and the idea of a bikini is scaring me!!! It's a great app I really was not aware of the carbs I ate think this is my problem but tracking it all I can change few habits, well let me no what you think and how you get on, good luck x x
    Hi. I'm so sorry i have only just seen this message. The telephone interview went really well, I have a 2nd interview on Wednesday which is in person, Could you give me any advice? Like what questions they ask? what should i wear? What you do in the interview? :)
    Oh no, just passed someone else your way! Sorry, only just read your message. Same for me, I don't have any appointments that short notice as I have to arrange childcare. I mainly do evening and weekend appointments ATM.
    Brisa and retention+ have the same chemistry so it actually should make no difference.. I personally found l&p better for hairdressers, but it cones down to application. If you are getting lifting with l&p on others it will be worse for hairdressers... Hths
    Hello, just to let you know I've recommended you to a lady who has just rang to get Gel Nail Extensions for tomorrow night. I'm not free to do them so I've just text her your number. Is that OK? I told her you use all CND products and you have a very good reputation! I'm not sure if you have any appointments available for tomorrow but I thought I may as well give her your number anyway. :)
    Oh right. See that's very reasonable but I've forked out so much for CND Complete that I'll have to wait for a while before doing threading I think. Let me know when you are qualified in threading though and I'll recommend you to my clients that need threading because apparently no one in Yeovil does it!
    Where's Street? Is that far from Yeovil? And how much is the course? If I don't do it I'll just recommend you instead. I had another friend ask about it today! :)
    Oh yeah, have you started doing threading yet? I had someone ring up for threading and if you are doing it I'll recommend you. x
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