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  • Ah lovely!
    I'll be doing it in Verwood, Dorset with Hannah Rowland! Start on the 11th June, can't wait! x
    Ahh, yes! I do Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Full Body Swedish Body Massage, Back and Shoulder Massage, and Natural Elements Organic Facials. Oh and guess what, I start CND Complete next month! I thought I'd just go for it as I wanted my NVQ3 Nail Technology but as Yeovil College don't do it CND Completes ITEC is on par with it, and obviously the CND brand is amazing too. x
    Hi! Did you used to have a salon half way up Forstreet?!
    Whos your stepdaughter?
    Business is brilliant thankyou.
    Where abouts are you based these days? Hope its all going well for you too.
    Thank you for the info. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Would you mind telling me please how much business roughly is enhancements compare to shellac/minx? x
    No probs! I'm not confused, but I'm getting so angry at all the replies recently on tax and VAT where people don't have a clue! If they don't know the answer they shouldn't be giving definite answers. It only confuses the original poster! xx
    I meant to heart you for that yesterday and then had to run, so I'm glad I remembered today... it was the best answer :hug:
    All good here thanks. Sorry you've had a bit of a rough time, but happy to see you're back on the right road again. Stay strong and take care xx
    Didnt really answer you question lol (sorry its been a long busy day) I have never been on a class bigger than 3 apart from the shellac and minx classes which are always packed out x
    Unfortunatly sometimes you could be on your own :-( I did the lift prevention and Nails Naturally Pedicure on my own has they dont like to cancel you if you dont want to be cancelled. They cancelled my Master Painter which was supposed to be for this month has there wasnt enough people ready for the class has you need to to the Spa Tacular and Shellac class before hand. Its a new course and not alot of poeple knew you needed the pre classes first. She said it wouldnt be much fun on my own so resceduled for next month.
    Also forgot to ask you can contact them directly with questions, you only need to contact S2 to book the classes xx
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