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  • Well good luck im sure you'll get everything in order in time. Layla, Jemeila and Gemma will take very good care of you :) x
    Thats fine, i use my personal one for posting in the group has Karen Mackman but thought you wouldnt want to add my personal one coz you dont know me, thats why i gave you my business one :) Im based in Salisbury but travel to the bournmouths academy. I have completed all the cnd courses there now, just have the 3 master classes to go. I have the Master painter class booked for may and i have the shellac nail art and crystal pedi class booked for this month. I also know a girl who is on the same gel class has you on the 18th. I've been on most of the same skill building classes with her but i did my gel class last month. Its great and you get a full gel kit too including lamp. x
    Hiya hun, whats your facebook? and i'll add you to the Bournmouth academy fb group page. Mines Spirit NailDesign x
    Long time no see Debs ... wishing you many happy returns of the day :hug: x
    Hi I was serching for candles and noticed your thread about the eve taylor candles, could you please send me the details, thanks so much xx
    hello...i notice a post you sent about eve taylor candles last year (sorry its from ages ago, but im just searching threads and here we are)...u said u use a company that supplies eve taylor, what is this company? dot hey have a website?

    many thanks x
    Hello, have just read your thread regarding the candles. Could you send me the details please. Thanks, X
    hi, i am v interested in the candles that you mentioned would you be able to send me the details please?
    Hi I saw a thread on eve taylor candles and someone mentioned that you know of the company that makes them and sells them cheaper. I would really appreciate you sending me their details.
    Many thanks
    Hi, I noticed your name on guinea pig thread and that yo are in Devon. I am thinking of taking courses in brow and eyelash extensions and would be looking for gp for case studies and would also gp for others if needed. I would love to add you to my friends' list.


    Hi there, was looking back over the eve taylor candle thread and saw you mentioned that they were actually made by someone else, and you could get them for a 1/3 of the price, wholesale? I'd be really interested to know where you can get them, and how you stumbled onto it! We use a few in the salon and so would love to be able to get them cheaper! Even with our salon logo on that would be fab! Look forward to a response :D
    Hi there I saw your name on my visitors list n thought I'd hae a wee nosey at you to xx hope you are well xxxx
    Hiya Debbie,yes Tracey and I went to junior school together and were best friends for years.She mentioned you a while ago.Certainly is a small world.xx
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