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  • Cool, it's a pleasure :) Made much more sense than what I remembered on a Thursday afternoon with a fried brain after working too many late nights and weekends lol...
    Hi, Iv'e just noticed that you use OPI L&P. Most people on here are using CND. I have recently finished my course at college, and i used opi absolute. I have got on okay with it, but have not used any other product. I was thinking of maybe converting to creative as i dont hear much about opi. So i just wanted to ask you about it. Why did you settle with opi, have uou used others.
    Many thanks.
    Hi Debbie
    I am getting on really well with the Environ range. I love it, and so do my clients. Use the Iozyme machine for all sorts of treatments
    So pleased you like it too
    I am so, so sorry. I have only JUST seen your message to me, from way back about the Environ training!
    I hope it went well for you, and that you got answers to your questions about steamers and high frequency galvanic etc.
    If you need/want to chat about Environ, then please sned me a message, and I promise I will get righ back to you.
    You can e-mail me direct if you like on terry@tjreiki.co.uk or terry@tjbodyrocks.co.uk
    Apologies again Debbie
    Hi there, just thought I would let you know, I got a call today from Environ to say that someone has pulled out of the 6th July training! Guess who has jumped in that place, lol! Yippeeeeeee!
    Thanks for my rep huni...hope your site will bring you lots of new clients! Well done! xxx
    Really love your web,and like the fact that you include a free avoplex with first nail treatment...also like the list of qualifications as i look for that...lol well done...have you done the conversion in microwrap as thinking of offering this as i like fibre xxx
    I will definately ring them, thanks again, its interesting as well cos they said minimum was £500 but if they are going to do a smaller opening its well worth re looking into it, It sounds like I was given wrong info!
    thats strange, I rung them up and was told that they don't supply to mobiles, I'll ring them again next week! thanks for the info
    Thats fab, I bet you're really excited! I would like to use Environ but I may have to wait a while as I may have to start out mobile initially, I hope not though. I am going to use Susan Molyneaux if thats the case. But first I need to do my facial/skincare course at NSI. I was on a ITEC Beauty Spec but had to withdraw due to illness! xx
    Hi there

    How did you find your Environ training? I'm thinking about doing it sometime in the near future, I am doing a short course for facials with NSI in August so it'll be after that. xx
    Oh thats great! Hope you enjoy the training! I cant wait to hear about all the products, Im so curious now, lol!
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