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    What's your facial routine?

    Please note this is a site for professional, qualified therapists and it is contrary to site rules to recommend OTC products.
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    How to become a nurse?

    Do you also have A levels or was your level 3 beauty enough?
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    How long does an LED lamp work for?

    I think the op has has her question answered so I’ll close here :)
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    Re-using files

    Remember you must fully sanitise (clean) the file before you spray. No point disinfecting a dirty, dusty file.
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    Thank you! x

    Thank you! x
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    Shellac or another gel polish?

    No trade prices please! :)
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    Gel polish won‘t last

    Your lamp is probably the problem I’m afraid. What lamp are you using?
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    No problem :)
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    Most acrylic goes jelly like and sticky when removing but MMA will take ages to get to that state and be very difficult to remove. Naio is a well respected brand and certainly doesn’t contain MMA so you have no need to worry.
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    Nails techs - time management help!

    Look into getting trained to sculpt instead of using tips, that’ll save you 30 mins immediately. I can’t actually remember the last time I used tips and I can do a full set of L&P with gel polish in 60 mins.
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    Is there a way to reduce fumes?

    one to one conversations should be kept private in a pm please.
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    How to become a nurse?

    No that wouldn’t be enough. Each university has its own entry requirements and specified UCAS points which can be made up from A levels, Access courses etc. Look at the universities you would be interested in and check their requirements. The nursing degree is a 3 year full time course or there...
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    Gel polish with silk wraps?

    Yes you can. Finish file with a 180 grit and apply your gel polish. You won’t need a base coat.
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    Paper panties or naked?

    On their side. All fours makes it easier for us but very undignified for the client.
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    Nail art ruining my business

    Have you thought about investing in the specialist nail art training? You’ll be taught techniques which will make it easier for you.