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  • Sunday 17th April !! at Ingleston which is right beside Edinburgh Airport and I am sure there are Travelodges or Premier Inns right beside it too. I know what you mean about flights my friend and I are flying Georgie Smedley up here for a days training and the return flights are under £50....cheaper to bring her up here and back n a day than for the 2 of us to go there!!
    You do know that theh Scottish Show is a lot smaller than the English ones you normallly attend lol :o
    Hi Hazel, hope you have survived the summer hols ;-). How's you? How's business lately? Hope all is good your end.xx
    Hi hope you are keeping well and enjoying this lovely sunshine! I just wondered if you know anyone in our area who is offering shellac mani's/pedi's?
    Hey!! A local!!! Nail going ok, i'm still very new a really need to get booking a bit more of a reputable course. (Started with the dreaded Essential Nails courses) My little ones are a little bit older now though so hopefully sometime this summer i can get myself on a foundation course! Have you lived in Thetford long? Nice to find someone else in the area xxx
    Thanks for the rep :D Just having a little look at you nail pics and feeling mighty jealous of your talent!!!!! :twisted: xxxxx
    Thanks Haze :o Congratulations on your placing in the Comps :hug: Brilliant work.....can't wait to see more pics! Your boxed entry is astounding...everytime I look at it I see something else...the Birds of Paradise Flowers are just amazing!
    Hi - hope you are good. You look way too young to have 3 children! How do you manage to look so good when so busy! I have just seen your website, looks great! At least I know who to recommend having seen the pics, as I only do natural nails even then it is more pedicures x
    hello my love...know what you mean been sooo busy myself...not enough hours in the day...got last 2 clients christmas eve...roll on 2pm then!!!!!!!! will be about on xmas ewve so wll be nice to spk with you then...may be sort out a date to meet up xxxx
    Haze, looked through your pics your one talented lady why dont you live near me would be pleading with you to teach me lol anyway great nails hun well done xx
    Hiya, will pm list of colours tomorrow 4 u. Also have a little bit of warm coverage natural gel as a freebie. If you pm me your address i'll post it to you monday. Its gathering dust here so you may as well have a nosey.xx
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