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  • omg jo told me to put it up for critique. i just have...god im scared. lol
    cheer tho...especially from someone as good as u.
    course was fantastic!!!!! she said i was really really good...wow!!! but i need to bulid my confidence up and could do with being thrown in at the deep end lol. Thanks for you help and advice. xx....god though how strange in comparison to cnd!!!!
    ahh well done hun, i know you wanted it bad enough. got conversion tomorrow cant wait......be naggin you for pointers no doubt so beware, lol
    congratulations on your feature in scratch....shows your work off as you should. hope your masters are going well.
    your albums of your nails are fab hun....show them off in posts ...they are great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OMG...you are sooo talanted!! i hope i am as good as you one day...long way off yet,lol, i love all those nail...every single one....if you were a bit closer i'd get you to do mine,lol!!
    your pictures are fab hun, thankyou for sharing xxxx
    I soooo need to get french quarter after seeing those...and a few others lol
    Thank you for your first message. I have been looking all day found a lot of tips, do you use cuticle remover/eraser before applying acrylics, I was trained to just push back with pusher I wonder if this is my problem. This site is really good, I feel like I'm not on my own anymore. I was almost ready to give up last week I am now about to do a lady who has had lifting twice I am going to soak off and do gels hope it works ! Thanks for your help x
    Hi Hazel, Happy New Year to you to.

    I saw Victoria just before Christmas. I treated myself to a set of nails and Victoria used the new Gel It colours. She told me you'd completed your L&P Masters....congratulations.

    I'm still batterling with L & P but I won't be beaten, just need to get my times down. Will definately be booking more courses this year.xx
    hi I'm Sarah, I live and work in Dereham I see you come form Thetford which is where my husband was born.

    I started nails in march last year and did my training in Norwich I have set up a salon in my garden and have started taking on clients before that I was mainly doing friends and family, and have just started having problems with lifting which has knocked my confidence completely:-(

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