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  • Just want to say I hate you!!!

    lol, only kidding, just been looking at your albums and your nails are amazing
    put the pic on lechat group. photo not as good as i hoped. have lost camera charger and run out of battery. i will upload the step by step tutorial on my blog soon.
    what a balls up, i have just typed you a long reply and sent it to myself by mistake. can you look on my profile page to read it please so i dont have to do it again.
    i'm in orlando at the moment and its 5 hours behind uk time . ive been up since 4 am coz i cant sleep so i'm not at my best. please forgive me.
    your box is full so icant reply to your p.m

    i need to know what gels you have to be of any help really, but can tell you that the primer from the nail architecture acrylic system is a traditional ma primer so it will work with all the systems.
    Thats it...I am now officially your stalker! :eek:
    Just saw you jelly nails on FB...followed on to see you had posted them in our group and am now here on your profile to see if they are in your album here!!
    Hi Haze

    Well not to good really. Gone done to one client again. Harry my son goes to school full time in January so I will pick up then. I am not advertizing at the mo as I cannot offer time slots that people want.

    I am also starting to make cake, wedding and alike so if that takes off more than the nails I might drop the nail and only do friends and family and if someone calls for an appt I wont say no.

    How are you getting on.

    Thanks for the reply and hope you keep well.

    Many thanks

    Thanks so much for your congrats! I'm so happy to have placed as there were so many amazing nails on there, I really didn't expect it. I've finally worked out how to use macro on my camera! This comp has really inspired me to loads more designs. I was so upset the way the pics came out but at the time, didn't know what to do about it! XXX
    Thankyou Hazel for taking the time to judge the dress a nil comp, some of us appreciate your time taken, xx goldstar to u lol x
    Oh my god ur nails are fantastic! I haven't seen many other pictures of nails done by fellow geeks but i can definately say that u are a role model in nail art for me! I'm jus baby in this world as i'm jus about finishing up my Level 2 nail tech course an im hopin to get on to Level 3 where i get to do more nail art stuff, ur deffo an inspiration! x
    u need to delete some pics then my love ...thats what happened to me,......i think they are great...did u use a gel top coat???
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